8-10 January

Monte Carlo Simulation

2nd workshop on Matrix Element Methods

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During the past years, the Zurich Phenomenology Workshop has developed into a forum for particle physics researchers to discuss the latest developments in phenomenology. Its recent editions focused on

The 2014 ZPW will focus on 'Monte Carlo Simulation and Matrix Element Methods'.

General-purpose Monte Carlo simulation programs are at the heart of all phenomenological analyses performed at the LHC, and recent developments of these tools have led to substantial improvements in accuracy and predictive power.

Matrix element methods have become an invaluable statistical tool for the extraction of

physics signals in the presence of challenging backgrounds. They are a fastly developing tool at the interface of theory and experiment.

This years' ZPW will team up with the 2nd Workshop on Matrix Element Methods. It will take place at UZH on 8.1.-10.1.2014, and aims to bring together Monte Carlo developers, data analysis experts, practitioners and theorists working on event simulation and matrix-element based techniques.

The event starts on Wednesday the 8th of January at 9:30am (registration from 9:00am) and ends on Friday the 10th, at 15:00 in the afternoon.

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For any further information or questions please don't hesitate to contact Regina Schmid at: regina@physik.uzh.ch